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      OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center

      OU-Tulsa Aerial
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      Impacting the Community Together at OU-Tulsa

      OU-Tulsa students

      Learning That Touches Lives

      With our interdisciplinary learning environment and more than 500 community collaborations, OU-Tulsa gives professors and students real-world opportunities to work together to impact lives — including their own. OU-Tulsa brings more than 30 degree programs, medical training and life-changing health care to our community.

      OU-TU School of Community Medicine
      The OU-TU School of Community Medicine focuses on improving the health and health care of the entire community through community-based medical education, eight residency programs and six fellowships.

      Schusterman Library
      The Schusterman Library supports OU-Tulsa's academic community with collaboration, study space and information experts

      OU Physicians
      OU Physicians is one of northeast Oklahoma’s largest and best medical practice groups, conducting more than 250,000 patient visits a year.

      To schedule a campus tour, email tulsainfo@ou.edu or call: 918-660-3318.


      OU-Tulsa Calendar