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      Outreach Home

      College of Continuing Education, University Outreach, The University of Oklahoma website wordmark

      Community and Social Services

      OU Outreach offers diverse programs to help create healthy, engaged and inclusive communities.

      Community and Social Services

      Business and Public Services

      OU Outreach offers programs that provide research and organizational planning, professional development, leadership training, and conference and event support.

      Business and Public Services

      Education Services

      OU Outreach offers programs and services for PreK-12 and Higher/Continuing Education to improve systems, support education professionals, and help learners to achieve their goals.

      Education Services

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      OU Outreach Is All About Transformations

      Outreach Logo

      OU Outreach is a lifelong learning organization dedicated to helping individuals, groups, businesses, and communities transform themselves through knowledge.

      OU Outreach is made up of more than 20 diverse programs that focus on business and public services, community and social services, as well as education services. Individuals and organizations have relied on OU Outreach to assist in their transformations for more than 50 years.

      Program Highlights


      Portland Oregon skyline

      Portland Oregon, 2019

      NCORE heads to the Pacific Northwest May 28 - June 1, 2019. In Portland, it’s easy to find limitless recreation, fabulous food, flourishing culture, and engaged citizenry. See for yourself, and come early or stay late to enjoy all that Portland has to offer. You’ll find retailers large and small, international and indie within easy reach of hotels. The nearby Pearl District is home to galleries, boutiques, chic restaurants and the legendary Powell’s City of Books. An award-winning airport, an accessible, efficient light rail system and compact blocks in the central city make getting around town a real pleasure.

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      University of Oklahoma Outreach

      Outreach Information Desk
      (405) 325-4414 or 1-800-522-0772, ext. 4414
      Email: Outreach / OCCE Information